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Message from General Secretary

Md. Mizanur Rahman
General Secretary

Assalamu Alaikum—–

Praise be to Allah is Exalted. Allah has created man by the best form.

But he born does not achieve excellence. In fact, the best seat holding him by the light of education. We want that your children shall come to the perfect education organization for actually educate of primary of education life. Rose Garden High School his the glory of Twenty two year old by recalling, Success to become a partner with us, the journey to the call. To build true overall the children, It is the role of Teacher and educational institutions after his father & Mother. With me highly talented, skilled, experienced and qualified teachers in 55 to educate to the students and employees of 10 (Ten) are being serving to the students in the fourth class. Meanwhile, the efforts of dedicated animated and soul of teachers, the institute has been able to achieve considerable fame.

I believe by our efforts & your active cooperation all student of this school will be able to build themselves as worthy citizens. Ideal character nations, in the target to create good citizens thoroughbred all worthy attributes, relentlessly trying for a long time served.

As far succeeded the locals honored & former students will judge. Teaching my long life best active cooperation of honored guardians & received supports of students and honored guardians have the desire and interest in constructive learning, It has inspired me greatly.

All well-wishers of teachers, honored conscious guardians / local ex-students are desires active cooperation. 22 years of success. Our commitment to build your child as worthy citizens.

May Allah bless us all, Amin.