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A teacher is man making maker, if he does his duty, otherwise, he is man killing maker and he is nasty. If a teacher serves to the best of his ability, He will be able to gain popularity. If a student studies to the best of his Capacity, He will be able to acquire originality. So, we request the teachers to serve with honesty, and advise the students to study with sincerity.

Teacher and student will maintain regularity. Also, they will maintain punctuality. A teacher must have morality and personality; also he will have solidity and individuality. In teach and students will lie affability and validity, Also will lie affinity and advisability. A teacher should be chatty, In order to gain familiarity.

To be good teacher, one should have diligence and probity. Also should have dainty and specialty, under the circumstances, I believe with certainly, Teachers and students will do the needful with guaranty.


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